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new meaning to the term cold ship [Jan. 20th, 2005|12:02 am]
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sooooo, what do you call a big hunk of floating steel sitting in the murky sewage infested waters of the east river?
The USS "hunk of Junk" Stalworth
oooo how i just love 0400-0800 watch on her, the first 30min it was like a novalty, she's not a ship we get to be on much, so we explored the whole thing. After that we retreated to the warmest space(at a nice crisp 34 degrees) and tried not to freeze to death. This was followed by repeated expeditions to try and find a working heater. We found 3 build in space heaters but could not get them to work, one portable space heater, but that two didn't work(it was also split in half but hey, the risk of getting electricuted would have been acceptible if we could get warm). Next came the galley. We tryied turning on the coffe pots, crock pots, every short of the deepfryers. Nada. so we retreated back to the the Electrical room. there we noticed the switch for the generator heaters. So we tried it. After a good 20 minutes where the engine room showed no change anywhere we again retreated(it's like 26 degrees in there!!)
So after watch, after i could no longer feel my feet, after i feared that my toes had fallen off, after my face felt like the dentist OD'ed me on novicain(but my hands were warm, thank god for happy pockets), i finally got to go somewhere warm, the mess deck.
so great, i go from the coldest place on earth, to the shittiest food on earth, but hey it was warm.
After breakfast i went to bed after removing myself from a 8:30 swimmin class(gotta love the online schedual editor) to wake up around 2:30 and say holy crap i missed intro to ships systems.
Turns out it got canceled, but i still had to hurry to my first calc 2 class
Now, i set up my calc 2 class so that there was another one right after it, well i missed the first one(it was at 1:30) so i went to the second and i'm sitting in the back there, figured i'd tell the teacher that i missed the first but was there for the second after, and in the middle of no where he goes, "oooo so your Drollinger. Your classmates said that your always late." great such a nice way to start off that class, as the late one.
But on a bright side i found out that my intro to ships systems class had been canceled anyways

off to NROTC i went, and then swim meet
Swam a good time for myself, i was in the 100 fly(ugg) but managed to get it done in under 2 min i think it was.
came back, and played with my pc set up(by the way my newer sn doesn't work so get me at my old one)
and that was my day

now if only i could figure out a way to see Liz more often

[User Picture]From: x0_show_me_love
2005-01-20 12:42 pm (UTC)
*gasp* YOU UPDATED!!! Yaaaay.

Awwwww :( Broken heaters suck.


...remind me never to seriously swim against you. Ever.

I wish I could see you more, too :( Make your roommate set up his phone. Tell him I said so...because, you know, that will do anything to persuade him.

On a random note, I ate my pineapple today :] Yummmm.

Love you! <333
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