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did 9/11 make a difference? [Dec. 16th, 2004|08:55 pm]
Many say that the world trade center attack "changed everything," rather it only jumpstarted a process that had already stalled out. The attack was a figurehead, a public rallying point, for our need to address security issues. It brought change in: airport security, port security, police screenings, transit operating proceedure, visible police presence, internal review of the CIA and FBI, and issues with inflight saftey and proceedure. However, it had its most porfound effect on the publics questions of, are we safe. It brought fresh fear into the minds of all.
But were does the military fit into all of this? With all the change we've made else where it'd be irresponsible for us to forget the miliitary, however they didn't wait for the figurehead. They had been making changes all along. Some in response to incidents -e.g.: the U.S.S. Cole - others out of pure observance that things could be done better.
So why did the public wait for 9/11 to happen? Why the Trade Center as their rally point and not the Cole or and embassy? Quite simply, it didn't happen here. and now that it has, they want to know were where the safety mechanisms for stopping such event.
Now that is has all happened congress and governing bodies all over the country are running aruond like a chicken with its head chopped off. They demand sharp abrupt changes to operating policy here and various long term goals set there. Some of the motions passed and proposed is genuin concern, while others are just to make the voting public happy. But no matter what the motive, they all know its going to effect the race in November.
So now we come back around to the common man. He sees the changes made and proposed, or atleast those the media publicises. Most of his type were not effected by 9/11. His attention span is relatively short and he doesn't pay attention to how the security changes are made, or even how effective they are. Besides the media is hyping about something else, so they previous must be taken care of. To him 9/11 was no doubt a tragity, but it has more meaning to him in higher taxes and more delays at the airport. So with cries for reform behind the common man marches on.
And so the drive behind 9/11's effects are sputtering out. It hasn't "changed everything" but has been more of a bump in the road.